In the old town centre of Monte San Giacomo, opposite the entrance of "Palazzo Marone", is placed a fifteenth-century fountain(1593), built for the will of Universitas Civium (ancient commune), on which are carved the Three Gorgons, from which is inspired the title of the art exhibition "medusa", etymologically "guardian"or "defender".

The fulcrum of the programme consists of the preparation and interventions "site-specific" of the artists involved. Each artist, in addition to present his own "route" through the exhibition of several works, is going to produce a work, according to his own style and technique, on the subject "Medusa" and its various literary implications, symbolic and semiotic.



Melinda Borysevicz

Melinda Borysevicz was born in New York and graduated cum laude in Painting at the Savannah College of Art and Design(Savannah,GA). Two years ago, a casual encounter took her in a little town in the south of Italy, not very far from the birthplace of her maternal family. At present she lives and works in Sant'Arsenio(SA),devoting herself mainly on portraits and narrative figurative works. Inspired by her recent reconnection with her "roots", Borysevicz explores the way the memory, (not only literary and tangible but also that of senses,suspicions or a feeling of connection and familiarity) affects the definition of "ego"(I), mapping our position over the "Other"; creating images as looking for a meaning in places, things, faces that, all together, appear on the surface of the mind,by unreal ways,like a dream that can be important, but which meaning often seems veiled.Borysevicz's works are exhibited in The United States:Georgia, Virginia ,Ohio,Texas and New York;and abroad, in Spain and Italy. She has been rewarded many times for her work, including a Certificate of Excellence in the International Contest of Portrait in The United States on 2013.


Gianluca Cavallo
Gianluca Cavallo was born in 1976. He lives and paints in Atena Lucana(SA). In 2002 he got the diploma of painter-decorator at "Palazzo Spinelli" in Florence. In 2006 he was the author of the paintings and the architectonic restoration of the Church of "Madonna del Rosario"of Pompei in Sassano(SA), decorating both the altar and the walls with oil paintings with scenes from the Book of Genesis and from The New Testament,inspired by Fabrizio De Andrè's "La Buona Novella". In 2007 he met the artist Ugo Marano (1943-2011) who, in January 2008, took care over Cavallo's first personal exhibition at "Palazzo Sant'Agostino" in Salerno. In 2007 he takes part in the 55° "Biennale d'Arte" of Venice with a great work, "Teatro del Ballo", exposed at the "Padiglione of popular Republic in Bangladesh". At present he works mainly in Rome with many galleries, experimenting and keeping on his personal research.


Arturo Ianniello
Arturo Ianniello was born in Teggiano(SA) in 1982. The research of Ianniello regarding the materials aims,particularly, to a synthesis result:global merges with local, tradidion with vanguard, ready made with constructive and formal applications that bring us back to the time of the old artistic way. And this happens not for an artless anacronism but rather for a rational and conscious choice:to start again from the 50s,when prevailed the use of "heavy" and "responsible" materials such as(and Ianniello especially loves it) metal. The manner of proceeding of this peculiar sculptor contradicts the very nature of the chosen materials: the metals recovered by Ianniello are restless and sentient, unsteady between organic nature and mineral oblivion ,real and precious receptacles of memory.  


Natalia Ponton
Natalia Ponton is a Colombian artist and was born in Bogotà. In her country she received the qualification of Master of Visual Arts at "Pontificia Saveriana" University. Specialization in Artistic Education in National Univerity of Colombia. She has held the role of lecturer in activities concerning the therapy art in Bogotà, Frankfurt and Rome. In her painting, her vision, full of symbolic meanings, reinterprets Nature, taking her cue from the socalled "Magic Realism" from the literature of her fellow-countryman Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Her colours are bright, full of a strong expression of youth. She is called "the water artist" for her suggestive and poetic performances, always "live", "here and now" in public spaces and galleries. The artist has exhibited in various galleries with a way that starts from 2003, among which "Museum of Contemporary Art" of Bogotà, in the "House of Culture of the California State" in Mexico, in the "Australia Urban Cow Studio" in Adelaide, in the "Tigrel Franfurt Gallery" in Germany, in Berlino, in the Colombian Embassy, in "Museo delle Antiche Genti di Lucania", Vaglio, "Orsini Gallery"in Formello, "La Pigna Gallery" and "Spazio Mater Loft Gallery" in Rome, in Italy.

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